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Past events

21 Sep 2022 Fall 2022 Webinar: Modernizing the Way you Manage IBM i Security
19 Apr 2022 Spring 2022 Webinar: “Debugging with RDi From the On Ramp to the Cruising Lane”
22 Feb 2022 Winter Webinar-2: Basics of Testing & QA for Application developers
1 Dec 2021 Winter Webinar: What's the Fuss? Using Procedures and Service Programs
14 Sep 2021 Fall webinar : RPG Tricks and techniques
13 Jul 2021 Summer Webinar: RPG Makes Friends with Open-Source Apps
16 Mar 2021 Winter Webinar: How to remain relevant in a changing IT environment
17 Nov 2020 Fall: RPG and a World of Open Source
18 Aug 2020 Summer: Modernization-Yes! Now how do I get started?
19 May 2020 Spring Meeting: The IBM i can (and should) be your platform for the future!
18 Feb 2020 Winter Meeting: The Most Common IBM i Security Exposures and How to Assess Your System
19 Nov 2019 Fall Meeting: How to Consume REST APIs from IBM i
24 Sep 2019 Special Emergency Meeting
16 Jul 2019 July/August Meeting: Canceled
18 Jun 2019 June Meeting: How to Handle Crucial Conversations
21 May 2019 May Meeting: Implementing Laravel on IBM i
23 Apr 2019 April Meeting: Get Started Using PHP Frameworks on IBM i
19 Mar 2019 March Meeting: Migrating to Git for RPG Apps
19 Feb 2019 February Meeting: More SQL Tips for Quicker Report Development
27 Nov 2018 November Meeting: An Unconventional Introduction To Git
16 Oct 2018 October Meeting: Diving a Little Deeper into RDi
18 Sep 2018 September Meeting: Working with JSON on IBM i
19 Jul 2018 July Meeting: Practicalities and Realities of IBM i Modernization
15 May 2018 May Meeting: An Administrators Guide to ACS
19 Apr 2018 April Meeting: Introduction to Python on IBM i
22 Mar 2018 March Meeting: Overcoming the Legacy Label
20 Feb 2018 February Meeting: Airplanes and Middle Seats (RPG Editors other than SEU and RDi)
16 Jan 2018 January Meeting: BI and Data Warehousing on a Budget
14 Nov 2017 November Meeting: Practical Ways to Use IBM i Security to Make Your Life Easier
6 Oct 2017 One-Day Seminar: Advanced SQL
19 Sep 2017 September Meeting: IBM i Trends and Directions
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